Team Confidence

A fanzine dedicated to the anime Great Pretender


Head & Socmed Mod
Past experience:
Fav thing about GP: I love the dynamic coloring ! it brings so much magic to the show
Hi hi ! my name is Peach and I'm an animation student :) I fell in love with GP and it's characters the moment I started watching, so I'm excited for this project!


Graphics & Layout Mod
Past experience: - Celestial: A P5 Astrology/Astronomy Zine (Layout Mod)
- Public Relations File: A World Trigger Zine (Layout Mod)
- Sumire Wish Zine (Layout Mod)
Fav thing about GP: I came for the art, but stayed for the characters and plot. Although, I love the unique art style and am impressed with every single background illustration throughout the show. Heya! I’m Floeer, a hobbyist digital artist that likes to expand my Pinterest board and use zines as an excuse to draw more fan art for shows I like. I'm really looking forward to this zine taking off!


Art Mod
Past experience: - All Saints Vacation! A 万圣街 Zine (Organization, Art, and Writing Mod)
- BTS Tarot Project (Merch Mod)
- 「阿吽」To Have You as a Partner: An IwaOi Wedding Zine (Organization, Writing, Production, and Shipping Mod)
The brilliant colours and dynamism of the show! I love how they pay homage to different styles of animation and animation tropes while developing such a unique plot.Hello, Cara here! I'm your average fan with an overzealous passion for zines. When I'm not asleep, you can find me raiding the fridge for snacks or rewatching my fave animations for the nth time!


Finance Mod
Past experience: - With Bare Hands, We Reach
-Invisible Ties: A Chrobin Zine
-Midnight Melodies: A Castlevania Zine
The dynamism in the characters and the art!
Hello, I am excited to work on this project! Thank you for your trust in me.


Wrtier Mod
Past experience: I don’t have anything to link, but…I have experience!😅
of course I LOVE the colors, but ontop of that: the compelling characters, the great ost, and the overall energy of it!
Hey, hey! As a lover of writing, zines, and fictional criminal hijinks, I’m very excited to be a part of this project!

Interest Check & Mod applicationsAugust 10th - September 24th
Contributor ApplicationsOctober 1st - November 8th
Results SentNovember 15th
Last Day to AcceptNovember 22nd
Check in #1December 13th
Check in #2January 13th
Check in #3February 13th
Final SubmissionsFebruary 27th

What is a fan zine?
A fan zine is an unofficial collaborative fanwork including art, writing among other things that usually follow a theme.
Who can apply?
Creators 16 years old and above!
How do we apply?
Eligible contributors may apply when applications open. For further information, see the guidelines.
Is this project SFW?
Yes! this project is solely SFW
Will this zine be for sale?
Yes, it will be for sale!
Where will profits go?
All profits will be going to the contributors and moderators, this is a For-Profit Zine!
Is there a chance for this zine to go physical?
If our Interest Check meets 100+ responses, we will go physical!
Will you have guest contributors?
Yes, we will consider having guests!
Will mods be able to contribute?
Yes, they will be able to contribute and will apply just like any other contributor.
How many contributors are you planning to include?
The zine will be accepting 20 artists, 5 writers, and 5 merch artists, excluding guests.
Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, but you will only be accepted for one of them.
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors are guaranteed a high-def PDF of the zine and digital merch. Should the zine go physical, contributors may receive a physical copy of the zine and merch based on profits/sales!
Will this zine include spoilers?
Creators are allowed to include spoilers.
Will the zine allow AUs?
Creators are allowed to include AUs.
Will the zine allow ships?
Creators are allowed to include ships, however this is not a ship-only zine.
For any unanswered questions, head over to our tellonym/twitter !